why do dogs follow you into the bathroom

Velcro Dogs: Why They Follow You Everywhere You Go

Dogs are amazing pets that owners have a special connection with going back hundreds of years. They are called man’s best friend. A dog is ready to face danger for its master, no matter what the consequences are. Dogs are also excellent with children and they make fantastic playmates. They follow you around and want to be always close by. Dogs follow you even to the bathroom.

Having a dog automatically means you have a partner. You take it for walks, your dog sits with you when you cook, it likes to stay by your side as you work or it even crawls into your bed at night. You’re used to all these things but the most intruding behavior from your dog is when it follows you into the bathroom. It’s uncomfortable most times and you can’t even shove it away. And it just stares at you with those adorable eyes.

Why do dogs follow you to the bathroom? Various theories have been adopted to explain why dogs do this. No, you’re not alone in this because almost all dogs like to follow their owners to the bathroom.

Reasons Why Dogs Follow Their Owners Into The Bathroom


Dogs are curious about everything, and they like to be involved in anything their owners do. To your dog, the bathroom seems like a place where interesting things happen. With you being there as well, hence it becomes more interesting. A bathroom is a place that is filled with different things that could interest your dog. The different smells, the faucet, and the sound the toilet makes when you flush. It could also be curious about what you do with makeup, or it just wants to watch you take a shower.

Your dog loves your company. You’re being in the bathroom also increases its chances of wanting to come inside. Once it sees you on the toilet seat, it could just sit there and look at you. It is fascinated by what you are doing.


A dog’s first instinct is to protect its family. You are part of that family. A very possible reason why your dog might want to follow you to the bathroom is to protect you. Devotion from dogs means they would be willing to keep you safe wherever you are. So they follow you into the bathroom, to protect you from any unknown threats.

Pack rules

The relationship between dogs and wolves makes them act similarly in so many ways. Wolves are known to always move in packs. They hunt together, eat together, sleep together, and do almost every other thing together as a unit. With this, wolves are able to protect one another easily and to have easy access to food and mates.

This is the same for dogs, they are also pack animals. Another reason why your dog might want to go with you to the bathroom is that it considers your relationship as being in a pack; you’re family, so you have to do everything together. This also means that as a pack member, you need to be protected.

Dogs follow you into the bathroom. No such thing as alone time

Why do dogs follow you to the bathroom? Because dogs are pack animals, they like to do everything together with their pack like eating, playing, hunting and sleeping. Dogs don’t really understand that there’s such a thing as having alone time. What do you need alone time for anyway? You’re family.

Keeping your company is just something a dog feels is necessary. And being animals, they don’t realize that some actions need to be done in privacy.

What is a velcro dog?

A dog that wants to be around its owner at all times is known as a velcro dog. It is another way of saying your dog is being clingy. Dogs being dependent to their owners vary depending on their breed. Therefore, there are certain reasons why dogs might become clingy or have this syndrome.

  1. Giving your dog treats or petting it every time you see it. It could encourage your dog to stay close to you every time so it can get something. Also, letting your dog sleep in your bed can also increase its dependency on you. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as dog owners are comfortable with it
  2. Moving into a new house can create anxiety for your dog. Thus, the unfamiliar environment might make it cling to you.
  3. Sickness in dogs can also increase their clingy behavior. Your dog might just want to be near you for comfort and as a way to cope with the uneasy feeling.
  4. When dogs get bored, it tends to follow you around. So while looking for something exciting to do, a dog can just follow its owner around to entertain itself.
  5. As dogs get old, their sense of hearing and their vision would begin to decline. This makes them become more dependent on their owners.

Breed of dogs that follow you around up to the bathroom:

There are certain breeds of dogs that are bred to be dependent on their owners. Working dogs, hound dogs, and herding dogs tend to rely more on their owners for direction. If you’re looking for a dog for companionship purposes, here are some examples of dog breeds that follow you around:

  • French Bulldog
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • German Shepherd
  • Akita
  • Affenpinscher
  • American pit bull terrier
  • Chihuahua
  • Great Dane
  • Italian greyhound
  • Labrador retriever
  • Pug
  • Golden retriever
  • Cavalier King Charles spaniel


Why do dogs follow you to the bathroom? Why not? Your dog follows you almost everywhere and the companionship between you and your pet is one major reason why most people get dogs in the first place.

However, if you’re still not comfortable with the behavior, you can teach your dog ways to stay away from the bathroom when you want to use it. Teaching your dog verbal commands like the “stay” command, or distracting it with its favorite toy can help you keep your dog out of the bathroom when you want to use it.

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