Exes come Back When You Moved On

Why Do Exes Come Back When You Moved On?

Good for you if you have struggled so much to move on from a painful separation and have finally done so. You most likely did an excellent job. But the last thing you want is for exes or ex to resurface after you’ve moved on.

Relationships come and go. Sometimes the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with hurts you. You must move on and rediscover your happiness. It could take months for you to forget about your ex. Everything makes you think of them. You pass a complete stranger on the road and smell that familiar perfume; memories flood your mind, and you feel a pang. You must also refrain from eating certain foods because they were your ex’s favorites.

Furthermore, you even found it difficult to go on dates because the conversations seemed too boring; they don’t laugh as much as he or she does, and who talks about chickens on a first date? Dating is just a waste of time for you. What’s the point of starting over when the effort you put into your previous relationship was in vain? It takes a lot of effort to get over a relationship.

On Moving On :

You’re able to move on. You meet someone who adores you more than you can imagine. Likewise, you tried to shield your heart at first because you were afraid of being hurt again, but gradually, you began to open up to new feelings and experiences. Not only that, you remember your ex now and then, but not with regret or pain. The thoughts fade away until you don’t even think about them anymore.

You’re out with your friends one day when you get a text that says, “I miss you.” It’s from your ex; this is the third message you’ve received in a week. You’ve already moved on and are content, so why is he texting you now? Why do ex-lovers resurface after you’ve moved on?

7 Possible Reasons Why Exes Come Back When You Finally Have Moved On

It’s unavoidable that after breaking up with someone you care about, you’ll have moments when you wonder if the relationship is truly over or if your ex is just pretending to be over you. And, if so, that the two of you might reconcile one day.

How can you tell if your breakup is permanent? It’s hard to tell. At this point, you could go insane looking for hidden good signs that your ex will eventually return, start spending time with you and ask to be with you again.

You’re probably not sure where you stand when you speak with him. His actions and words leave you more perplexed than ever. You must be certain that he has moved on if you are to be able to get over him and get your life back on track.

Here are some possible reasons why exes resurface when you finally have moved on. But be careful, these reasons would mean that your ex wants to be back in your life or that you should be back with your ex.

Your Ex Have Seen You Happier Now Than When You Are Together

Most people believe that when they break up with someone, the person becomes bitter and unhappy. However, if your relationship ends and you try so hard to move on, eat right, look healthy, and are happy without them, your ex may reconsider their decision. This would entice them to return and try to rekindle the relationship.

It’s extremely unjust for someone to want you to be sad because they’re no longer in your life. This is not a good reason to desire someone’s return.

How to handle it: If you suspect that this is why your ex is attempting to reclaim you, avoid them at all costs.

They Still Love You

Relationships do not always end because of bad blood. When people break up, they may still have feelings for their partners, but circumstances force them to cut ties. In situations like this, if your ex is still in love with you, he or she may return, but by the time they do, you’ve already moved on. Your ex may genuinely regret the end of the relationship, and they may return begging you to take them back.

How to handle it: It’s always a good idea to say that some relationships are worth saving, especially if both parties still have feelings for each other. Furthermore, everyone deserves a second chance. However, we must remember that relationships are not solely about love. Discuss the issue with the person and handle it like adults who aren’t easily swayed by emotions. Always go back to the reasons why you broke up in the first place. 

They Couldn’t Find Someone to Replace You

This is one of the main reasons why ex-partners try to re-enter your life after you’ve moved on. When your ex broke up with you, he or she most likely had their eyes on other people. Maybe they saw something they liked in someone else and thought you lacked it. So the best option was to end the relationship and move on to the next person.

Unfortunately, things did not go as expected. The new person was nowhere near as good as you. Your ex understands that no one else could love them as much as you did. Nobody else could give them your sincerity, loyalty, and selflessness. This would entice them to return. Do ex-lovers return after they’ve moved on? Indeed, they do. They return because, for them, you are irreplaceable.

How to handle it: How to handle it: Do you have a similar feeling? If not, decline the offer to rekindle your relationship with this person. It’s no longer your problem why you are irreplaceable. 

They Don’t Want Someone Else to Have You

When your ex learns that you’ve started a new relationship and that you’re happy, they may try to entice you back. You may receive texts, gifts, or phone calls from them pleading with you to return, and you may begin to wonder, what does this person wants from you now that you’ve finally moved on.

They’re not returning because they miss you or regret their actions. They are there because they can’t imagine you with someone else. Because they still have a sense of ownership over you, the idea does not sit well with them. They can’t imagine you showering someone else with the same love and attention you showered on them. Perhaps they expected you to be single and unhappy, but you’ve found someone else, you’re happy with this new person, and everyone around you notices.

How to handle it: Once again, avoid people who want to keep you around to feed their ego.

Some Exes Love the Chasing Game, Even if You Have Moved On

Most ex-partners expect you to return to them after a breakup, telling them you can’t live without them or that your life has no meaning without them. But you don’t do any of those things. Instead, you go hiking with friends, join a book club, go to the gym, look good, have the best time of your life, and you do all of this without them. This affects some people’s egos, and they don’t try to win you back because they love you. They do it because you demonstrated that you didn’t need them.

How to handle it: Stop fleeing, but maintain your position that you no longer want anything to do with this person. Remember that some people enjoy the challenge more than the person they are pursuing.

Exes Come Back Because They Want Closure, So Both Can Say They’ve Moved On

Another reason your ex might want to return after you’ve moved on is that they want closure. Maybe the relationship didn’t end the way it was supposed to, and they want to return to have a sense of closure. They want to see that the relationship is finally over and that there is nothing that can be salvaged.

How to handle it: If this person desires closure, provide it. When you liberate someone, you liberate yourself from all the hurt and false expectations.


Your past lovers can resurface after you’ve moved on from a relationship. It takes a lot of effort to get over a relationship, so don’t be afraid to move on. Don’t worry about being hurt by an ex when you’re finally over them when ex-partners may try to re-enter your life after you’ve moved on from a relationship.

Even if your ex may be looking for reasons to get back together with you when you’re over him, be careful because some ex-lovers return because they can’t imagine you with someone else. While some exes sincerely want closure by returning to see that you’ve moved on and had a new partner, others may be jealous of your happiness.

Not all who come back to your life don’t need to be taken back, and that’s the truth. There could be numerous reasons why an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend might want to re-unite with you, but the most important thing to remember is why you broke up in the first place.

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