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Why Do People Drink Alcohol? Surprisingly There Are Benefits

One of the most widely-used recreational drugs in the world is alcohol. It is a depressant that slows down brain functioning and neural activity. Drinking alcohol at a low dose gives feelings of euphoria and reduces feelings of anxiety. However, excessive alcohol intake can lower the immune system. Its frequent use can also have emotional, physical, and social consequences. If alcohol has this kind of side effect, why do people still drink alcohol?

Reasons why people drink alcohol:

Do you ever wonder why you drink alcohol? Is it for the taste? Or is it for the effects on you? If not, probably for social reasons, right?

Different people may have different reasons why they drink alcohol. We have listed here several reasons why people drink alcohol to help you better understand it.

1. People drink alcohol for fun.

This is one of the popular reasons why people drink. We drink to celebrate and socialize. A social gathering like weddings, birthdays, work functions, and other social events will not be complete without something to drink. It helps people loosen up a bit. It gets them “spirited” and happy. Hardly you see a party with no booze. It’s all part of the fun and celebration.

When moderately taken, alcohol can help people relax and relieve anxieties. It has become a go-to drink after a stressful day at work.

2. Peer pressure

Another major reason why people drink alcohol is to impress their friends. Being at a party with everyone’s drinking will only put someone who doesn’t drink under much pressure. Moreover, if belonging to a circle of friends who would really insist, it will be hard to say no. Most especially if you are the kind who easily get swayed or too polite to say no.

The most affected by peer pressure are teenagers. The fear of not getting their friends’ approval will push them to give in to nudges to take a shot. Until they will no contain it because they have more than they should have.

Peer pressure does not only happens with teenagers. Adults who are trying to stop drinking alcohol can get pressured in social gatherings. Finding excuses for just having a good time with friends. But altogether forgetting about trying to stop drinking.

3. Stress

Associated as an anxiety reliever, alcohol has become a stress-buster for some. Alcohol also helps people fall asleep easily. A person who had a stressful day would turn to alcohol to feel relaxed.

4. To escape

Tragedy, misfortune, bitterness, and loneliness are some reasons why people drink alcohol. Similarly, people drink to escape and cope with feelings that make them unhappy. For example, a man who just lost his job could turn to alcohol to help cope with the unpleasant experience and to delay the thoughts of moving forward.

5. To overcome restraint.

Most shy people take alcohol to help feel emboldened. When in a public place, most people drink alcohol to help them feel more confident and easy to socialize with others.

Things one would normally not say or do would become easier to do and say once they drink alcohol. This can also apply when most people drink alcohol before delivering a piece of bad news or making a tough decision.

What benefits do people get from drinking alcohol?

Although a lot of people frown on alcohol intake, there are various benefits of drinking alcohol. Listed here are a range from wine to beer to spirits that has different benefits:

  • Alcohol helps fight colds.
  • Red wine helps boost memory.
  • Beer strengthens the bones.
  • Beer helps protect the brain.
  • Red wine helps to burns fat.
  • Beer can help you recover after a workout.
  • Red wine helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Beer contains vitamins.
  • Alcohol can soothe sore muscles
  • Sore throats can also be relieved by drinking whiskey.

What are the bad effects of drinking alcohol?

Alcohol affects your body immediately it enters your mouth. Drinking wine occasionally is a good idea. But the long term intake and not moderated can have some adverse effects on the body system. Some effects of drinking alcohol include:

  1. Slurred speech. This happens immediately after one gets intoxicated.
  2. After consuming an intolerable amount of alcohol, one may blackout. This may result in having no recollections of what they did or say while they were intoxicated.
  3. Excessive intake of alcohol can affect the liver’s ability to perform its job. Because of that, it won’t be able to breakdown and remove harmful substances from your body. As a result, you will have a damaged liver.
  4. Long term intake of alcohol can cause pancreatitis.
  5. Heavy drinking is associated with cardiovascular diseases.
  6. Drinking excessively can lead to infertility.
  7. Alcohol also prevents your body from processing the essential nutrients required.
  8. Mouth or throat cancer has been associated with heavy drinking of alcohol. In women, breast cancer is more prominent.
  9. Frequent alcohol drinkers find it difficult to fight viruses and bacteria. They are more susceptible to getting illnesses like tuberculosis.
  10. Excessive intake of alcohol can affect your body’s ability to balance blood sugar levels.


There are many reasons why people drink alcohol. Some drink to have fun and relax, others drink to take the pain away for a short period of time. While drinking in moderation may give benefits, getting drunk may do otherwise. The euphoric feeling always outweighs the feeling of dread and disorientation that comes afterward.

In some parts of the world drinking wine is associated with good health conditions. While other parts of the world prohibit the use of alcohol. Thus, taking strict measures to prevent its distribution.

Drinking may relax your muscles, therefore helps you relieve anxieties and stress. But having a pet is another way to help beat stress, minus the hangover and bad effects of alcohol. You may choose between a dog or cat to give you that dose of happiness you need today. But remember to get to know their unusual habits. Check out my previous post about cats and dogs.

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