why do people hate trump

Why Do People Hate Trump? List of Possible Reasons

Donald Trump is the current and 45th president of the U.S. of America. He is one of the most controversial presidents to ever rule the country. He displays several traits that individuals dislike. Traits that don’t seem to be expected from a president. Could this be the premise of why people hate Trump?

People see Trump as arrogant and rude. He was self-serving and combative. These are a group of traits that are not expected in a president. Moreover, he’s crass, offensive, and politically incorrect. That is how the overall public would describe Trump.

The people also considered him homophobic. On different occasions, he attacks the LGBTQ+ community. He is racist and xenophobic. Furthermore, people see him as strongly prejudiced against women. Absolutely, it isn’t a trait of a supposed gentleman.

For most people, the hatred they have for the president is big. To the point that they’re willing to place the country in anyone’s hands. But not on Donald Trump’s.

The Trump administration that people hate.

The administration systematically promoted mainly the interests of the business sector. Corporate business executives were protected. As well as of shareholders. Thus, it’s to the detriment of the socio-economic class.

There has been plenty of bad reviews on the president’s administration. But despite that, Donald Trump has been able to make some accomplishments. These are mostly in his first term of being president.

Tax Reform:

Three years into trump’s presidency, he signed a Republican tax bill. It made tremendous changes to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts. Corporate tax was slashed from 35% to 21% while providing temporary benefits to the family. Higher productivity and income was the goal of the law. But it achieved none of the goals that the Republicans set for it.

The First Step Act:

The First Step Act was passed in December 2018. This act helped advocates reform the criminal justice system. And it offers changes within the federal prison system. This helps eradicate mass incarceration.

  • The bill sets a minimum sentence for drug felonies. And it then expands early release programs.
  • It offers rehabilitation and job training.
  • Also, it cancels the confinement of juvenile inmates.
  • It mandates to urge prisoners to be placed 500 miles away from their families.

Defeating ISIS’s caliphate:

A foreign terrorist organization called ISIS took over an outsized territory across Syria. As well as in Iraq. And then, later on, declared itself a caliphate. These territories were the bottom of the operations of terrorists. This where they dispensed a series of attacks in many countries of the world.

Space Force:

In December 2019, Trump established the sixth branch of the US Armed Forces. The objective of why the branch was established is to guard US military assets in space. As well as against extraterrestrial forces.

People Hate Trump and Ignore His Accomplishments:

People still hate him. Even though Trump may have achieved some notable feats as president. But His bad sides outweigh his good side. Thus, Trump’s accomplishments have been ignored. Here are a number of the failures of Trump’s administration. Just some of the reasons believed to be that makes people hate him

In 2016, people hate Trump’s blaming his predecessor Obama :

  1. Trump campaigned for the reduction of undocumented immigration. When he came into power, he set a zero-tolerance policy. Therefore, this prevents illegal immigrants from crossing the border.
  2. It also led to the separation of thousands of families. Further, it grew the displacements of children.
  3. Trump blamed his predecessor Barack Obama. He blamed him for the separation of parents from their children.
  4. After the death of George Floyd, the president had peaceful protesters tear-gassed. Trump made no statement. He gives no statement condemning the brutal death of a citizen. Keeping the state divided was his goal.
  5. He demonized the anti-racism demonstration. And then sent federal agents to intimidate the protesters. Polling has shown that almost all Black Americans consider Trump to be racist. Because of these actions, people grew more hate on Trump.

In 2018, people losing jobs :

  1. Trump withdrew the country from the 2015 nuclear deal. This induced a series of chaos. Mostly within the Middle East. US allies who were signatories to the deal condemned the choice.
  2. He also pulled out the US troops from Syria in October. Therefore, it led to a humanitarian crisis. This created a vacuum in security.
  3. Trump didn’t support fiscal relief to help workers. It resulted in the loss of jobs to millions. This is often as hostile getting a rise within the benefits.
  4. An executive order suspending social security funding was signed.
  5. The repealing of the Affordable Care Act was supported by Trump’s administration.
  6. A presidential proclamation to suspend the issuance of permanent immigrant visas (green cards) to migrants who are applying for them was signed.

In 2020, Trump and the Coronavirus :

There may be an extended list of reasons why people hate Trump. But when the coronavirus arrived, that’s when the hate of the people even grew. He poorly handled the coronavirus pandemic. It caused the loss of lives that reached thousands. Then the loss of jobs reached millions. Because of these, people grew hate on him more.

America has the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world. But Trump continued to downplay the severity of the pandemic. Moreover, he refused to pay attention to top public health experts. He ignores the correct actions to take.

In March 2020, he admitted to downplaying the coronavirus crisis. According to him, this is to stop a nationwide panic. But downplaying the seriousness of the virus obviously didn’t help. Preventing a nationwide panic didn’t happen. As a result, it only has made America the epicenter of the pandemic.

Trump blamed others, rather than take responsibility for this. He blamed China instead. That’s for starting the pandemic in the first place.

As people hate Trump, impeachment comes.

An allegation on Trump in August 2019 led to an investigation. The hearing was conducted by the House of Representatives. This resulted in his impeachment on December 18, 2019. The charges brought against Trump were:

  • He sought help from the Ukrainian government. This is to aid his re-election.
  • Moreover, he held back innumerable dollars. This is to aid the Ukrainian military.
  • Trump agreed to release this money to Ukraine. But, he wants them to publicly declare that they were investigating his opponent, Joe Biden.
  • Accused of obstruction of congress’s investigation. This is due to avoiding the impeachment inquiry.


Donald Trump may have shown he doesn’t care about the people of America. Other countries in the world may likewise think the same. When he was not able to handle the pandemic crisis, people hated Trump even more. He downplayed the pandemic so as to avoid public panic. But it did more harm than good. It resulted in America becoming the epicenter of the pandemic.

Trump plunged the American economy into a state of crisis. But he also has managed to accomplish some things in his administration. Interestingly enough, the hatred people have for him stems mostly from his personality. And it outweighs the achievements he made for the country.

With Presidential US Elections coming to an end, people are anticipating results and hoping that a new administration will take place soon. They can only wait and see until vote counting ends and a new president will be declared.

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