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5 Fun Facts : Why Do People Like Billie Eilish?

Billie Eilish is probably one of the most influential music tastemakers of her generation. Her stardom has out-shined even the most seasoned artists. Her dark yet relatable music made it to the top of the charts. She’s a bit dark without being too morbid. She can still fit the mainstream type of music. Her music appeals to a much wider audience than just the indie and alternative audience. This consistent, unique, and true to herself teenager offers something different to the music onlookers. Not sacrificing her aesthetic while doing her brand of music relatable and prominent. What makes people like Billie Eilish and made this singer really famous?

Fun Facts About Billie Eilish You Need To Know:

We’re taking you here to the world of this 19-year-old phenomenon and give you the straight facts about Billie Eilish. She may be an ordinary young girl with an extra-ordinary personality and talent that people adore.

1. She originally recorded “Ocean Eyes” for a dance company. 

Billie Eilish’s breakout song, ‘Ocean Eyes’ was supposedly for the ears of her dance instructor only. Luckily, it made its way to the airwaves after posting the song she and her brother wrote on Soundcloud. People liked Billie Eilish from then on.

2. Having Tourette Syndrome and being open about it.

After a series of compilation videos were posted about her supposed physical tics, she gained the courage and then open up about her condition. For those who don’t know, Tourette Syndrome is a form of neurological disorder characterized by involuntary vocalizations and movements of which we know as ‘tics’.

3. She’s vocal when it comes to the issues she cares about.

According to an interview she did, she’s very vocal about the support for changes in abortion laws. She’s also very political in terms of showing support for who she believes should be elected to run the country. She encourages the youth to make their choice as early as they can and to practice their right to vote. 

4. She calls her fans ‘family’.

She loves her fans and candidly talks with them in her radio show called Groupies Have Feelings Too. It’s not every day that famous celebrities can genuinely treat their fans like family. Billie can be famous and genuine altogether.

5. Billie Eilish was home-schooled.

Unlike most of us who went to either private or public schools, Billie got her academics at home. It shows in her fresh perspective of things. Her parents valued teaching their kids life skills more, instead of the traditional curriculum.

Why is Billie Eilish so popular?

Making her way to the Billboard Hot 100 is something not all young artists can do. But Billie Eilish makes it so easy. Her dark but relatable music strums the heartstrings of teenagers and millennials alike.

Her age, for one, is her undeniable connection to the struggle of modern-day teenagers and those who can relate to the day-to-day life of one. The ability to write songs and sing them that people can relate to helped her skyrocket to the charts and stay there.

In 2020 alone, she became the second artist, following Christopher Cross in 1981. She’s the first woman to grab the Grammys on all four major awards — Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist, and Record of the Year. Her music portrays her solidified beliefs on how to think for yourself and being to yourself no matter who you’re facing is also a key aspect to her triumph as an artist. When it comes to Billie Eilish, what you see is what you get, and sometimes even more, but never less. 

Her music is also a big part of her popularity. It’s pretty transparent that what you can hear through the lyrics are her true feelings. The song ‘Bad Guy’ alone portrays the struggles of modern-day teenagers. Though some of her songs are dark and a bit depressive, they are also a bit cynical, mature, ironic, and deep. And this brand of music resonates with her fans beyond a superficial admiration. 

Why is Billie Eilish an Important Figure?

Billie Eilish is now an undeniable important artist of the century because she is always her own regardless of who she’s dealing with. We may have uncovered possible reasons why people like Billie Eilish. Now let’s talk about why she is now considered an important figure.

  • She is a breath of fresh air in a world full of filters. The way she irreverently answers PR questions as if talking to her friends or family is truly remarkable. She is consistent with who she is and doesn’t have pretensions.
  • Billie Eilish understands who she is at a young age which is great for her young fan base. She encourages them to be 100% themselves all the time through her music. You can see that in her interviews, her live performances, her music videos.
  • Wherever you see Billie Eilish, you’re sure to get the 100% truth from her. 
  • She’s also very humble and is one of the artists that explicitly tell you not to do hard substances. Her looks, language, and song lyrics don’t define who she really is as a person.


Her candidness is a breath of fresh air. She’d rather not filter her words just to say what people want to hear. She is not afraid of being judged. And she even invites criticisms on her choices of words, her music, her fashion, and almost all aspects of herself. The way she used her platform to forward social good is also something to admire. She’s consistent with being her true self and offers something different to the music onlookers.

It is not a shock as to why people like Billie Eilish. She is her person, her entity. We can’t get enough of that. She’s a true artist through and through. From her songs to her fashion choices, Billie Eilish is one iconic teen. We cannot wait for her to grow and blossom even more than where she is now. We’re sure she’s just going to soar higher than ever. She deserves all of it anyway.  

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