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Keeping Scorpions Away From Your Beds

Scorpions are predatory arachnids that swarm silently around any dry corner of the house. They can be identified as having eight legs with a pair of grasping pincers. Having a distinctive narrow, often curved, segmented tail, it originally hails from deserts. Except for Antarctica, they can now be found in almost all continents. They were once feared because of the poison their tails bring. But in our modern times, they are kept as pets. Some species are harmless. But it still does make our hairs go up when we think about them. Seeing as to how small they are, they can access our homes in almost any crevice available. But you’ll probably see them more on your beds. This brings us to the question of why do scorpions would like to be in your beds?

3 Reasons Why Scorpions Like Beds

There are many reasons why your home attracts scorpions, your beds in particular. It’s the perfect place against its natural predator. There’s plenty of food (insects and other small animals), and there’s plenty of options to hide from us. But why scorpions like our beds?

1. Food

Unfortunately, our beds can be a haven for a lot of small bugs that don’t get noticed in the morning. Most especially if you are not the type who has the habit of tidying up your beds. This could be the perfect place for scorpions in your beds to hunt down their next meal.

2. Moisture

All living things need water to survive, and scorpions are no exception even though they are prone to heat. They often wander into homes searching for water, like kitchens and bathrooms especially during hot spring and summer.

But why scorpions like beds? It traps moisture our body emits at night between the sheets. It makes a sort of a reservoir for the scorpions to drink on once we’re up in the morning.

3. Shelter

Like any living creature, scorpions seek shelter. Unfortunately, your bed is one of the options for the scorpions because of the first two reasons.

Do scorpions travel in pairs and dwell in your beds?

We guess by now, you’re wondering if do scorpions travel in pairs. The answer is a resounding no. Though they do mate, there has been no proven study that they travel in pairs.

In some studies, scorpions can only travel a hundred feet at most during their lifetime. So it’s highly doubtful they travel in pairs. The only time they are not alone is when they are to mate. This is because they need to do an elaborate dance called promenade à deux. It means “a walk for two” in French.

The other instance they are not alone is when the females have their young on their back. But that’s another story we may write about next time.

Keep scorpions away from your homes and your beds.

  1. Insect control – Your home can be a buffet of bugs that scorpions love to snack on. So, one of the best ways is to kill off the source of their food. They’ll be out of your beds in no time.
  2. Maintaining the yard – A messy yard can be home to a lot of critters, including the sneaky scorpion. Keep your bushes and small trees trimmed and landscaped. This will keep them from touching your house’s wall as they can become bridges for the scorpions.
  3. Check your home – Insects can get cluttered homes full of crumbs to be infested. And when there are insects, a scorpion is bound to be around the corner waiting to feast on them.
  4. Sealing your home – Making sure there are no crevices or cracks is an easy way to avoid scorpions from passing through them. This will make their way around to your beds. And aside from just the areas, you frequent to, also include the attics and basements if you have them. This is a “leave no stone unturned” kind of moment.
  5. Eliminate excess moisture – By eliminating excess moisture in your homes you are not giving the scorpions a reason to enter your house in the first place. And that includes the outside of your home. Let’s not give them a reason to enter, much less to stay.

Drive scorpions away from your beds intentionally.

  1. Sticky traps – Be sure to purchase the non-toxic ones. You may need to put them in entryways and areas in your house that have heavy traffic.
  2.  A DIY burlap trap – Just a wet burlap should do the trick. A wet burlap is like a mini version of your house and would tangle the legs of the scorpions. Place these around areas where moisture and food can be found. Be careful though when checking on the trap the next day.
  3. Essential oils – Studies have shown that cedar, peppermint, cinnamon, and lavender oils, when mixed, can pack a powerful punch. It will surely battle the olfactory senses of the scorpions. It’s kind of like perfume to you but not to them.


Scorpions pack a powerful sting to them so don’t underestimate their sizes. Though only 30 of the 1500 species are considered fatal after a puncture, the pain and the swelling that comes right after it is not a beauty mark you want on your body. Pain, numbness and tingling, slight swelling, and warmth around the area and all over the body are just some of the symptoms of one bite. So please do be careful when handling them just in case you encounter them at home.

Our beds somehow become the best candidate for scorpions to dwell on. So you better take extra effort to clean and tidy up your homes and bedrooms to keep them away. If that still doesn’t work, get rid of them intentionally with insect traps or essential oils that they don’t like.

So you are now ready to sleep after having to get rid of the scorpion away from your bed, but the crickets start to chirp away. Not sure where are they located, and it bothers you. Check out how to get rid of them from this post and not be disturbed especially at night.

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