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Fashion Statement or Comfort: Why Do Women Wear Thongs?

Thongs are a type of clothing that women wear to help make their dresses look better. It can be worn as usual in underwear or swimsuit. Thongs provide coverage like a bikini at the front but narrow into a strap at the back. If you are not a fan of wearing this type of underwear, you may ask why do women wear thongs? Asking this question is equivalent to asking why women should wear tights or shapewear. Every woman wants to look as perfect as possible when trying to impress people around them or when they just want to look good for themselves. There are some reasons why some women wear thongs while others don’t.

Reasons Why Women Wear Thongs:

The main reason why women wear thongs is for them to wear clothes comfortably and not be worried about their underwear showing. What is the point of thongs? Here are a few reasons why most women love to move around in thongs.

Some women find it comfortable to wear.

Most women have admitted that they prefer to wear thongs because it’s comfortable. Looking at the shape of thongs and how it enters in-between the butt cheeks can make one ask, are thongs comfortable? Thongs are perfect to wear with jeans, a skirt, or tight gowns.

When you have chosen the right size and fabrics that stretch, it would give a better feeling of comfort as you can move about freely without worrying about anything. It’s like you’re wearing nothing under your clothes, and that makes it comfortable for some.

Women May Help Gives Confidence When They Wear Thongs

Confidence can result from different things we set our minds to. It can also simply come from what we wear that makes us feel and look good. Women love to look good starting with what clothes to wear. And wearing the right underwear also helps. Rather than conceal your butt shape, thongs help to show how beautiful the shape of your body really is minus the visible panty lines. Looking sexy makes one feel confident and one way to look sexy is putting on a piece of fabric as comfortable as a thong.

Women Wear Thongs for that Perfect look

Say you have the perfect fit of pants or dress, but you find these bumps along the way. If your dress has a soft and thin fabric like silk, these are panty lines that show can make your dress look less perfect. However, when you put on thongs because the shape at the back does not cover the butt cheeks, no lining will show.

Some Women Don’t Wear Thongs For These Reasons:

While some women find thongs to be extremely comfortable, others do not. This is why most people ask “why do women wear thongs, it’s so uncomfortable! These are some of the disadvantages other women find about wearing thongs.

Size and Fit

If one will not find the perfect size or fabric of thong to wear it will not be comfortable. For some, despite the perfect thongs, it still doesn’t feel right them.

Not an Everyday Underwear

While wearing a thong, one can’t put on a pad or a panty liner. It just wouldn’t fit or seem comfortable. Aside from being uncomfortable, it is unhealthy to try to wear a pad with a thong. To avoid being embarrassed when you’re on your period, it is advisable to put on normal pants during the time of the month.

Prone to Bacteria

Because thongs are tight, they tend to trap moisture and increase the chances of bacteria to grow. Bacteria will lead to infections. Most women would rather live without thongs than risk having infections from bacteria imbalance. Although the best way to prevent getting infections would be to use thongs that are freer or breathable, most people would rather just avoid using them. Pregnant women are not advised to wear thongs as infections may cause harm in their pregnancy.

Can Cause Skin Irritation

Most clothes are made from fabrics that could contain dyes or chemicals. Thongs don’t cover the backsides properly as normal pants or briefs do. And these chemicals could cause irritations on your skin.

Women with sensitive skins cannot afford to wear underwear that would expose their skins. Delicate skin not fully covered by thongs will be at risk. Cloth dyes and additives used in making clothes could cause an allergic reaction that would lead to rashes, eczema, or dermatitis.

Also, if you have hemorrhoids, you should avoid using thongs. The constant movement of the body during workouts can cause chafing. While exercising, it is advised to avoid thongs because there is a higher risk of chafing. The level of discomfort associated with working out while wearing tight underwear is highly not recommended.

Tips on how to get a comfortable thong

  1. Try different brands, waistband styles, and fabrics. By doing so, you will get to find the one that suits you perfectly. Finding the most comfortable one is the key.
  2. Choose a thong that is one size bigger than your regular size for underwear. This ensures you comfortable wear as possible.
  3. Wear thongs that have more cotton than polyester because it’s cooler. Thus less moisture may cause bacteria to grow and lead to infection.


Women wear thongs for various reasons but mainly to feel comfortable and feel confident. Wearing a thong is a nice way to make your outfit look perfect. It gives you a sense of confidence because you don’t have to worry or feel embarrassed about your panty line showing.

While there are numerous advantages of using thongs, there are also various disadvantages of using them. It is really a matter of choice whether women wear thongs or not. It is a personal choice to wear thongs and if you do not feel comfortable with them, you can avoid them altogether.

Wearing a freer type of thong is one way to avoid bacteria and other infections. Not wearing them during a workout is also a smart move. Speaking of workout, do you notice how lizards look like they are doing push-ups? Check out our previous post here.

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