why do volleyball players tape their fingers

Why Do Volleyball Players Tape Their Fingers?

Volleyball has been around since 1895. This sport has been a popular sport for all ages for both men and women all over the world. Whether you’re new to the sport or a veteran, you may notice the white tape wrapped around the player’s fingers. But why do volleyball players tape their fingers?

Some think it’s a way for the spike to be distracted. Some believe it’s to get a better grip on the ball and make a better topspin. While some think it’s for the players to hit the ball harder than they normally would without the tape. 

Volleyball finger protection and why it’s important

So, why do volleyball players tape their fingers? Well, it’s for protection. Yes, you heard us right! The tape is not merely decorative but rather protective. Though it is a belief that the white tape on the fingers somehow distracts spikers away from the ball. But it is highly likely untrue. With the fast-paced volley of the ball, spikers tend to focus on the body position and language. And barely pay attention to what color their finger tapes are. The purpose of the white tape is to protect the fingers of the players while they play on the court. 

Playing any type of sport causes stress to the mediums you used to play them. For volleyball, it’s the entire hand that suffers and the fingers the most. A thousand reps you do during both training and actual games put your finger through stress. And in the long run, causes cracks and drying on the skin.

You may not notice it because you’ve been used to it but the body doesn’t forget. This is a common result of the mastery behind creating the best topspin. In mastering the topspin, you need to create friction between the ball and your hand. The more friction you make, the greater the cracks you make on the skin. And without proper rest, your body is not able to heal itself over time. To avoid this, players apply volleyball finger protection like the tape you see on them. It simulates the same friction needed to maneuver the ball without the ball touching the skin. Thus, it is also true that the tape allows the players to get a better grip on the ball, without sacrificing the player’s hands. 

How to tape your fingers for Volleyball setters and why you need to properly do it

Knowing how to tape your fingers for Volleyball setters is important to know aside from why do volleyball players tape their fingers and it should be done properly. This is to ensure that the tape is closely and snugly wrapped around the fingers without it falling apart during the games. Taping properly also allows the player to play as hard as they can without the fear of injuries or any mishaps during the game. These are the simple and proper step to wrapping tape around the fingers for setters or any player for that matter:

  1. Properly measure how far you want the tape on your finger needs to be. If you’re only covering the tips, do so until the first join from the tip. 
  2. Cut and connect the tape to the other side of your finger at almost the length as the one on the palm side. Make sure to tightly pull up the tape so it can bring the crack of your fingertip closed. 
  3. With a new strap, lock the base of the initial strip and wind it around the finger until you close the loop.
  4. For the edges, tuck them in and repeat as needed on the other fingers. 
  5. Make sure the fit is okay and you’re still able to move your fingers without obstacles to maintain mobility. 

How to tape jammed fingers for volleyball and the need to do it

A jammed finger is an injured one. And knowing how to tape jammed fingers for volleyball is important if you want to avoid any further injury on it. It is as important as knowing why do volleyball players tape their fingers. The trick here is either by buddy taping it or use a finger splint to immobilize the finger. 

By buddy taping, it is taping an injured finger to its neighbor. This helps to protect the damaged finger from any further injury while helping to improve the range of motion. It’s a buddy system for your injuries. 

For fingers like the thumb, using a temporary splint is the way to go. This is for cases where there is severe pain coming from the finger or if there’s a possible fracture on it. If a fracture is ruled out, only use the split for at most 1-2 days as it can hamper mobility and the finger’s overall long-term healing, negatively. 

And if all else fails, it’s time to get an x-ray and see what’s wrong with the finger. The sooner we know what’s causing the damage, the better. 


Volleyball is an exciting sport to watch and play as well. But there are tricks you need to know and stuff to ponder on like why do volleyball players tape their fingers so that you are well equipped to play the sports. It’s not enough to know to attack the opponent and defend your court. You also need to know to guard yourself against injury as well. 

Taping your fingers is not only for aesthetics but also serves as a protective layer to ward off finger-related injuries that might happen in a split second. Situations like jammed or damaged fingers are one of those injuries. 

But again, taping is only a preventive measure against the said injuries. If an injury does happen and there is any pain at all, it would be best to sit the match out and let someone handle the situation. The priority is always your well-being. And if the going gets tough, seek medical help immediately. 

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