why do people snort drugs

Why Do People Snort Drugs? Understand The Dangers of This Vice

When people start to snort drugs, it’s a strong indication that addiction is already forming. Graduating from taking drugs orally to snorting means the person is losing control of their drug use. Users of prescription drugs like opioids may have built up a high tolerance to the drugs. Sooner they would want to accentuate the high by snorting into the nose to bring directly to the brains.

Common Reasons Why People Snort Drugs

Drugs when swallowed required to be digested before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream via the linings of the stomach and intestines. Users of illegal drugs tend to snort because they achieve faster effects than just swallowing it.

Snorting drugs into the nose can also be a strong indication that the user has an increased tolerance to the drugs. And by snorting, the user gets enhanced drug effects. Significantly, this strong high results in a more dangerous effect on one’s health.

Danger To People Who Snort Drugs:

The use of illegal drugs alone causes various types of health problems from mental to physical. Here are a few of the health problems may develop as the snorting of drugs progresses over time.

1. Damaging the lining of the nostrils, nasal cavity, and septum.

Snorting drugs irritate and later on destroy the mucous lining in your nose. It also damages the cartilage wall and nasal membranes. Within the interior of the nasal cavity, it then enters your bloodstream through its linings. Prolonged snorting of drugs will lead to eventual blockage of the membranes and hole in the nasal septum (perforated septum)

2. Loss of smell and taste.

Cocaine and methamphetamine damage the olfactory nerve by snorting these drugs. It can lead to anosmia or total or partial loss of sense of smell. Since the sense of smell is required for a sense of taste, becoming anosmic can often lose the sense of taste as well

3. Frequent nose bleeding is one cause when you snort drugs.

Ingesting cocaine or other drugs by snorting into your nose causes blood vessels in your nasal passages to rupture. It will lead to frequent nosebleeds.

4. Trouble swallowing.

People who snort illegal drugs such as cocaine on a chronic basis may have trouble swallowing and experience hoarseness.

5. Sinus infections.

Snorting cocaine can cause damage to the nasal regions such as damaged cilia (hairs inside the nostrils). A dry-up nasal passage or in other cases chronic runny nose can cause irritation. These symptoms may lead to nasal infections.

6. Whistling and snoring.

Whistling and snoring is resulted from nasal injury caused by snorting cocaine.

7. People who snort drugs is prone to tooth decay and chronic halitosis

Tooth decay is one of the common signs of long-term addiction to methamphetamine. An abuser’s teeth will first stain, then decay, which eventually will fall out. On the other hand, cocaine users aside from snorting would rub coke on their teeth. It will cause a direct erosion of the gums and teeth. Cocaine also causes dry mouth. It exposes the mouth to decay-causing bacteria. Thus, tooth decay is a prominent cause of the use of cocaine.

Having tooth decay of course will mean bad breath or chronic halitosis. Since these drugs can make the abuser’s mouth dry, they are prone to bacteria that cause bad breath.

How One Can Recover From Snorting Drugs?

If you have snorted drugs and have become reliant on them, quitting can be challenging.5 You may have difficulty sleeping, chills, shakes, soreness, or mood swings. While these withdrawal symptoms can be disconcerting, they should not discourage you from quitting. Misusing drugs can have significant mental, physical, financial, and legal ramifications. 

If someone you know is misusing drugs, it’s important that they understand the serious risks involved. You can help them find an addiction specialist or treatment facility to help them on their way to recovery. Specialists with experience in treating individuals who’ve snorted drugs can monitor the person’s progress and offer emotional support during recovery. 

If you are looking for where you can locate treatment services near you, visit Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA on this link.


It is common knowledge that drugs when taken improperly can do more harm than good to our body. More so, taking illegal drugs for recreation can do significant harm to our bodies both mentally and physically.

Some drugs, even those that’s prescribed by doctors can be deemed illegal if used on dosages beyond prescription. It can later on become an addiction resulting to greater damage to our health. Worse, it may lead to death.

When a person graduates from taking drugs the normal way like swallowing, to snorting it, it’s a strong indication of an addiction is forming. The person may have developed strong tolerance to the drugs and wanting for more. By snorting drugs, it enhances its effects and gives a strong high.

Addiction to illegal substance is a serious matter. If you think you are or a family member or friend is showing signs of being an addict, start seeking for help. The battle of overcoming addiction is best dealt with a professional, a support group, and a loving family or friends.

Like drugs, alcohol can also lead to addiction and various health problems. But if taken in moderation, did you know that alcohol can be good for you? Find out from our previous article here.

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