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Not Just an Accessory: Why Do DJs Wear Headphones?

Headphones became an important part of the DJ image. It’s sort of a mark of the trade. A DJ with headphones gives away a distinct aura of a DJ. It also includes certain vibes of professionalism and dedication to their craft. Although not all DJs actually need headphones, especially the seasoned ones, DJs still wear headphones nonetheless.

So if you find happiness in mixing tracks and makes an audience happy with your playlist, taking up a career as a DJ can be worth pursuing. In this article, you will understand why DJs have headphones. And apart from appearing like it’s an accessory, it has advantages for the user.

What Do DJs Do?

Before we go to the main subject, let’s identify two types of DJs. The DJ producer is someone who produces all types of songs and mixes them as well. On the other hand, the one who mixes all the existing tracks in a way that they will sound fun to the listeners, that’s the standard DJ. Mixing existing tracks doesn’t make you a DJ instantly. There’s a lot of creativity, luck, talent, and the choice of your song matters to becoming a DJ. You will only be considered a good professional DJ if you can produce a playlist that connects with your audience.

A typical audience may start from a hundred people depending on the size of the club. This will also quite mean pleasing over a hundred people with your mixing. A DJ is responsible for making them all happy with one single beat. You can see that a lot of hard work, talent, and luck in this!

What Headphones do DJs Use?

As mentioned, it takes a lot of hard work, talent, and experience altogether to become a professional DJ. It takes training, practice, and remaking your playlists. Passion for the craft, and open to constructive criticisms, and improving oneself is also factors to becoming a good DJ. Finding a mentor that will guide you in your career as a DJ is also ideal. So this means you just don’t have to rush to buy DJ headphones. This is not the only thing that matters to make you a professional DJ. Harsh but true.

Even if you are playing tracks to a smaller crowd at your home party, you still need to connect with your audience. Use the headphones to know the quality of the songs you use. DJs used the headphones to listen to the track in advance before mixing it with the playing track, as it will help him to stay connected with his audience. It’s like a preview of the song, this accessory helps the DJ to synchronize the rhythms, flow, and tempo of the song. Following a creative beat, the DJ creates surprise moments and beats for the audience as the party progresses.

1. DJ Headphones with Mic

So many DJ headphones are in the market like headphones with mic, wired, wireless, or Bluetooth. And every DJ owns the one according to his style and the type of audience. It will also depend on the stage on which, he is performing.

The type of headphones also depends on the type of festival you are in. Say for example, if you are at a wedding, high school party, or the club, not every DJ has to speak to call the audience on the floor. Some DJ, speaks while playing songs as they stay in touch with the audience via speaking in between the pauses. Some DJs use the mic of their headphones to give the audience an overview about the song.

Basically, DJ headphones with mic are mostly used by DJs who like or have to communicate with the audience. This is to entertain or engage them and also to identify their taste and mood so that he plays the next beat according to the audience’s mood.

2. DJ Headphones Wireless

If you are planning to step into DJs world, the very first thing that will cross your mind will be the type of headphones you are going to have. because all the DJs wear headphones as per their needs, but so many are now seen wearing wireless ear buds, thanks to technology, as they look really stylish. Every DJ has his own way of styling himself chose their own position on the stage or booth, some stay at their place throughout the party and some walk around, probably, they are wearing long wired headphones or some have high-quality DJ headphones wireless, totally depends on the comfort. 

Why DJs Use Headphones?

Why do DJs use headphones? The main reason that DJs use headphones is to arrange the following song or a unique audio element for the audience.

Other possible reasons for DJs to use headphones are :

  1. To block distractions and to stay focused on the task at hand.
  2. Use to protect their ears and hearing.
  3. To wear them as a fashionable accessory.


Even if you practice or mix your songs at home without headphones, once you step out to be a DJ, you will crave the use of headphones. You will understand, why do DJs wear headphones, as it provides a clear sound with no noise or interruption of the outside world. It makes you focus on details way better.

Good headphones don’t mean that they should be wired, wireless, or has a particular color. It’s the sound quality and the little details of the music it captures. Lastly, the comfort and protection it gives to the DJ’s ears are also important.

It is highly advisable for aspiring professional DJs to grab their headphones, mix songs well, practice more. And then get ready to play in front of a big crowd. Nothing’s more worthy than doing what makes you happy. Best of luck! Cheers!

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